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The Free Stock Photos is the source for the people who donít want to spend money and time taking pictures or hiring a professional photographer, because they used to be so expensive. Today you can search professional pictures in the Free Stock Photography databases, so rather than buying stock images you can get free images. This stock pictures can be delivered online and some Free Stock Photography give you the option of make a donation for the maintenance of the servers, payments of the team and also to add new free stock pictures but the donation almost never is too much because you can decide to donate or donít.


What is the Free Stock Photos?... The Free Stock pictures often involve pets, people and others like rare animals like lions, also are produced in studios but this photos includes one model to do various possess and gesticulations, this give the users more possibilities to find what they want in their picture that are almost used to posters, spots and online advertisement, also the Free Stock Photography is used by students and teacher to add professionalism to their slides of PowerPoint, Prezi and others.

Why the Free Stock Photos was created?

The Free Stock Photography has appeared due to the high cost of the Stock Photography Agencies. So itís an alternative collection if you donít have enough money to afford Macro Stock Photography that are selected and high valued stock photography or even the Micro Stock Photography that are low priced stock photography. The Stock Photography is divided in Royalty Free Images and Public Domain Images.

What are Public Domain Pictures?... The public domain pictures are images without limits of use but in the Internet the pictures are not always available in large and high quality size so the Free Stock Photography associations take the opportunity to get the original ones and shared with the users or members.


What is a Royalty-Free Images?

Free in this context doesnít mean the image is in the public domain or that every can use it without purchasing the main license, this means that you can use the image depending on the terms of use and there are three mainly terms.

  • ē You can buy it and use in everything purpose you want and multiple times, but with limits.
  • ē You can buy it without time limit of use.
  • ē Only the photographer can sell the image many times as wants.
  • The Free Stock Photography associations buy this licenses with the donations of the users or with the own money, also to share the acquired pictures with the members or users.

    What is the origin of the Stock Photography? ... The old media were able to print their first pictures instead of drawings in the mid of the 80ís, the media begin hiring photographers, but eventually independent photographers sell their original photos of different events and situations, suddenly hire photographers was useless because instead of hire new employees you can buy just the pictures. Robert Stock was the first agency of Stock Photography founded in the 90ís and continues working today with HD stock images in the Internet.

    The old school stock photography only consist in outtakes to magazine ads but soon, the stock photography begin to be more complicated than that, because some photographers anticipate the wishes of the buyers making pictures of children, people, famous or landscape in all formats also the format of a magazine cover. This different kinds of pictures was taken to sell more quickly because the press need fast images and a professional photographer requires time and money, so if you own a daily newspaper you need a diversity of images one day and the next day you need a different one, so the newspaper donít have time for that. Also some newspaper buys Many HD stock images to use instead of buy pictures one by one.

    Quickly the requirements of this company were heard and the stock photography begin, also with the born of this and the competition of largest companies of stock photography lowers the cost but for the common people who donít own a magazine or a newspaper, afford this images are impossible and the Free Stock Photos begin in the Internet with the publicity, ads and members as allies. | Free Stock Photos - cheap stock images

    The images and photos shown in these galleries are free. If you find one that is protected by copyright, please inform us to remove immediately.

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